Artist Wycliffe ‘Linc’ Bennett Celebrates Everyday Black Lives

"Ajowa" by Wycliffe "Linc" Bennett.
"Ajowa" by Wycliffe "Linc" Bennett.
Credit Courtesy of Linc Bennett

Artist Wycliffe Bennett — better known as Linc — celebrates everyday black lives in his work.

The mixed media artist lives and works in his Atlanta home, creating portraits and landscapes from many materials, though Linc’s signature may be his use of fabric.

But Linc wasn’t always a professional artist. The 78 year-old worked for decades as a CPA and financial executive, all the while drawing in the margins of his notebook and taking painting supplies with him on business trips and vacations.

When he retired and became a full-time artist, Linc said “one of the greatest pleasures I had was cutting up my corporate suits.”

Those swatches were used, of course, in his mixed media landscapes and portraiture.

Wycliffe “Linc” Bennett’s work is on display at this weekend’s esteemed American Craft Council Show here in Atlanta.

Linc spoke with Lois Reitzes on “City Lights” about his work. They were joined by Karin Koser, who represented the American Craft Council Show.

“Fresh Flowers” by Wycliffe “Linc” Bennett. Courtesy of Linc Bennett.