Atlanta-based photographer Britney Bongang creates images that focus on the bigger picture

Atlanta-based photographer Britney Bongang. (Courtesy of Britney Bongang)

On the “City Lights” series “Speaking of Art,” local artists share insights into their influences, processes, and experiences in town. This edition features full-time photographer Britney Bongang.

 “A lot of it [photography work] can be birds and different species of birds. A lot of it can be other nature elements, so different animals out in nature,” Bongang said.

“If I am doing some city shots, some city work, a lot of it is a wider scale, as opposed to kind of a macro, zoomed-in type of shot, I like the bigger picture.”

Bongang began her art journey working with her husband, who is a full-time muralist and graphic designer. As technology changed and social media platforms became more relevant, it created a need for behind-the-scenes content. So what started as filling the need for their business, Bongang Art, blossomed into a full-time professional venture. 

Bongang never considered herself an artist, especially coming from a science and psychology background.

“I thought that art wasn’t for people like me,” Bongang reflected. “…spending that time, even alone with my camera, learning my camera, making mistakes, you know, really going through different types of equipment, to find out what feels good as you’re shooting, then it became very natural… Now, I know that it really does change your life if you can tap into creating.”  

You can find more information about Britney Bongang’s work on Instagram here.