Atlanta Councilmember responds after no charges filed against GA troopers in shooting death of Manuel Terán

Family members of Manuel Esteban Paez Terán embrace during a news conference, Monday, March 13, 2023, in Decatur, Ga. (AP Photo/Alex Slitz, File)

Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit District Attorney George R. Christian has concluded the shooting death of environmental activist Manuel Terán, 26, was “objectively reasonable,” and no charges will be filed against the Georgia State Patrol troopers involved in the shooting. In a 31-page report, Christian outlined the investigation.

Authorities say Terán fired the first shot. Teran’s family disputes those claims following an independent autopsy.

On Friday’s edition of “Closer Look,” Atlanta City Councilmember Liliana Bakhtiari discusses the case’s timeline and reaction to Christian’s ruling.

Bakhtiari said she is also pushing for the Department of Justice to investigate.

The Terán family is requesting that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Stone Mountain District Attorney’s Office provide them with the evidence about Manuel’s death. See the full statement from the family here.