Atlanta Football Classic, More Than Just A Game

This weekend, the 26th annual Atlanta Football Classic kicks off inside the Georgia Dome. The South Carolina State Bulldogs will meet the North Carolina A&T Aggies for the annual event featuring historically black colleges and universities.

But the annual event is more than just a game and entertainment.

Some will come for the game and others for the marching bands. And that’s exactly what organizers of the Atlanta Football Classic expect.

But, there’s another reason that comes to Bill Lamar’s mind when he sees a packed Georgia Dome.

He says revenue from the game, sponsors and other related events are tied to a program called Project Success.Broadcast version of the story

“To help mentor, tutor, counsel and also financial support young men and women in Atlanta in order to help them achieve their educational goals and ultimately life goals.”

Lamar is the chair of the Atlanta Football Classic. He’s also chair elect of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta. That group has long dedicated itself to mentoring African American youth.

This year a symposium on young black males will take place as well as other education events.

“We have over 2-thousand young men and women in a robotics competition which really helps accelerate their learning and their potential talents in science, technology, engineering and math.”

Those in Atlanta for the game will also spend some cash around town. According to the Atlanta Visitors Bureau and Convention the Atlanta Football Classic weekend brings an economic impact of 30-million dollars to the city.