Atlanta Man Turns World Travel Into Off-Kilter One-Man Show

Courtesy of Royce Bable

Royce Bable was an ambitious 20-something with a promising career in media research when he got the feeling: the feeling that there’s something more to life.

It’s a familiar story among young people, and many have the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity with world travel. Bable had not yet had that chance  until his career really started taking off, but he seized it anyway.

What’s unusual about Bable’s story, however, is that he did not stick to blogs or social media to recount or even remember his travels; he turned it into a one-man show. It’s a quirky, off-kilter production called “Not Here Right Now … the hilariously touching tale of a tall man in tight spaces finding clarity and avoiding a quarter-life crisis in the Far East, all while wearing strappy-Velcro sandals (except to the wedding of the century).”

Lois Reitzes spoke with Bable about his travels in Southeast Asia and turning those experiences into a show. A graduate of Atlanta’s Tri-Cities High School Visual and Performing Arts Magnet Program, Bable realized that during his travels he had been asking himself one question:

“How do I get back to what I was doing in high school? Which was performing in some way,” he said.

“Not Here Right Now” is on stage at Synchronicity Theatre for two shows on Saturday, July 1