Atlanta nonalcoholic bottle shop finds success helping those exploring sober living

The Zero Co. offers a wide selection of zero proof spirits, cocktails and wines at their Poncey Highlands bottle shop. (Jim Burress/WABE)

The Zero Co. co-owner Cory Atkinson says January is the business’s busiest month due to the growing trend of “dry January.” It’s a time when many people challenge themselves to take a break from drinking alcohol for the month.

Atlanta is witnessing a rise in the nonalcoholic retail scene, with businesses like The Zero Co. offering a variety of zero-proof drinks throughout the year.

The Zero Co. opened in December 2022, and Atkinson said in the past year they’ve seen an outpouring of support from the metro Atlanta area and well beyond.

“We’re seeing a lot of people come to us to say ‘I had this great nonalcoholic cocktail; how do I make it?'” Atkinson said.

The Zero Co. co-owner Cory Atkinson says nonalcoholic beverages are becoming increasingly common in grocery stores, restaurants and bars. (Jim Burress/WABE)

He and his wife also own nearby Elemental Spirits Co., a boutique liquor store. Atkinson said the couple offered nonalcoholic options at Elemental but eventually decided there was enough demand to have those products stand on their own.

He said the store’s clientele runs the gamut of people exploring the “sober curious” lifestyle for the first time, from those with medical restrictions on drinking alcohol to those in recovery.

Atkinson said they are considering expanding and the next step is having more restaurants and bars develop beverage programs that incorporate nonalcoholic offerings on par with their alcoholic drinks.

Christopher Alston contributed to this report.