Atlanta Officials Want To Better Connect City Bike Lanes

Atlanta’s first bicycle report states there are now close to 116 miles of bike lanes in the city.

David Goldman / Associated Press

The city of Atlanta spent more than $8 million dollars last year on bike-related infrastructure like resurfacing roads. The city’s first bicycle report touts there are now close to 116 miles of bike lanes.

Ten miles were added last year and residents can expect another 10 to be added this year. But city officials now want the lanes to connect better.

Becky Katz, Atlanta’s chief bicycle officer, said the city needs to pay more attention to where bike lanes actually go.

“Nobody builds a road that’s unconnected to another road, right?” Katz said. “So we really need to be looking at our network and that’s kind of the next place.”

Rebecca Serna, with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, said the report highlights some important first steps.

“It’s clear that we have a long way to go when it comes to creating a fully connected network of bikeways,” Serna said. “But the key is that we are making that progress.”

City officials said they are working to better connect bike paths with MARTA stations to help improve access to public transit.

Katz said special purpose local sales taxes will go toward adding more mileage over the next five years.