Atlanta Opera brings Leonard Bernstein's fantastical comic journey 'Candide' to the stage

Jack Swanson, front in blue jacket, as 'Candide' and Kevin Burdette as 'Dr. Pangloss,' standing. (Raftermen).

Voltaire’s work of philosophical satire “Candide” asks the tricky question: “How do we maintain our optimism in a time of disaster?” Here in the third year of our global pandemic, the Atlanta Opera continues its stellar 2023 season with a timely new production of Leonard Bernstein’s “Candide,” bringing to the stage a fantastical comic journey through the triumphs and catastrophes of the title characters’ best-laid plans. 

Alison Moritz, director of the Atlanta Opera’s new production of “Candide,” and star performers Jack Swanson and Victor Ryan Robertson spoke with Lois Reitzes via Zoom. 

“Candide” is on the Atlanta Opera stage through March 12, and more information about the production is available here.