Atlanta Orchestra Aims To Broaden Classical Music’s Appeal

Courtesy of Orchestra Noir


Orchestra Noir is Atlanta’s all-African-American orchestra. The group has only been around for 10 months, but it is already redefining where classical music is performed and who its audience is.

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For one, Orchestra Noir appeared in a music video by Atlanta hip-hop stars Migos and 2Chainz. And the group’s next concert will feature not just their concerto competition winner but also Grammy-winning producer Bryan-Michael Cox.

Orchestra Noir’s music director Jason Ikeem Rodgers said that he wanted classical music to appeal to a wider variety of people.

“I was always thinking how to create an orchestra that would appeal to a black demographic, and it wasn’t until Atlanta that it dawned on,” Rodgers said in an interview with Lois Reitzes. “I thought, it would be cool to conduct an all-black orchestra. What would that be like? And what could I do for the people? What would that do for the young black children growing up?”

Orchestra Noir’s upcoming concert event, “Night At The Symphony,” is Friday, March 31 at Center Stage.