Atlanta, Suburbs Experience Extreme Drought Conditions

Atlanta, Suburbs Experience Extreme Drought Conditions

Atlanta and many surrounding suburbs are now experiencing extreme drought conditions. 

Pam Knox is a climatologist at the University of Georgia.

She said 4 to 6 inches over a period of weeks would end the dry spell, but even a small amount of rain can lead to more rain.

“If we get even an inch of rain in a pretty short time period,” said Knox, “that would make water more available for daily thunderstorms to develop and that can really change the situation quickly.”

Knox said even though you might be noticing regular, small thunderstorms it takes a big system to bring widespread relief.

Only the state Environmental Protection Division can declare an official drought that would trigger restrictions on water use.

Knox said the conditions in Atlanta, and Georgia are tied to flooding in Louisiana that’s being called the worst disaster in the country since Hurricane Sandy.

“They’re getting the rain that normally we would get so it’s kind of a rob Peter to pay Paul situation where the rain is diverted to one place and so they get more than they need whereas other places are lacking,” said Knox.