Atlanta trio Warsaw Clinic serves up brutal blues and quality rock and roll

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On City Lights’ series “Speaking of Music,” local musicians share work and stories in their own voices. This installment features Atlanta-based blues rock trio the Warsaw Clinic.

Drummer Austin Robb and bassist Chris Parker offered the band’s elevator pitch: “Your local Atlanta brutal blues band serving you the finest quality rock and roll since 2015.” Joined by lead vocalist Eli Browder, the band revives a classic, unrestrained hard rock roadhouse blues sound, hearkening to ZZ Top and Led Zeppelin, with the shuffled backbeats of Bo Diddley. 

The locked-in confidence of the Warsaw Clinic’s sound shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that the founding friends played together in their local church band as kids. With all three born and raised in the Atlanta metro area, Robb considers their Southern-steeped history a key to the music as it’s evolved. “The state of Georgia has a pretty rich rock ‘n roll history, especially Southern rock, with the Allman Brothers being from Macon,” Robb said. “We have, like I said, brutal blues. It’s a little bit of your standard rock ‘n roll. Make it just a little bit heavier and more angry, and you’ve got what we are.”

According to Robb, the featured track, “City Livin’,” is a musical anthem honoring Atlanta while embracing it as a double-edged sword. “The story behind the song is, you think you’ve got it all. You’re living in the city; it’s glamorous, it’s fun, it’s fast-paced. But you know, it’s not always free,” he said. “Sometimes you’ve got to give a little bit – whether it’s a little bit of yourself, your time, or your money. We’ve had a ball, we’ve had a blast, but you’ve got to pay your dues.”

Venues earning praise from the Warsaw Clinic include their own East Atlanta mainstays like the EARL and 529, as well as newer opportunities like Sabbath Brewing. Robb and Parker particularly shined on the Star Community Bar in Little Five Points. “Star Bar is our Little Five home. We love Star Bar. It’s a special place, and they also do a really good job at showcasing really great music,” Robb said. The Warsaw Clinic’s next appearance is coming up on Feb. 5 at the Tin Roof Cantina, as well as Feb. 11 at the Masquerade. Their new single, “Consider Me Done,” comes out on Feb. 10, streaming on iTunes and other music platforms. More from the band can be found on their Instagram, @thewarsawclinic