Atlanta Weather Is Dry, But Not A Declared Drought

Despite the storms this week, it’s been abnormally dry in North Georgia the past month, and most of the Atlanta area is experiencing moderate drought conditions, according the U.S. Drought Monitor. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re in a drought.

In Georgia, declaring a drought — and possibly triggering water conservation measures — is up to the director of the state Environmental Protection Division, who makes that decision based on factors that can include reservoir levels, precipitation and soil moisture.

“We’re not saying we’re in a declared drought, and the state’s not declaring a drought,” said Katherine Zitsch, director of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District. “We’re starting to look at whether we’re entering a longer period of dry or whether it’s just a month we’re looking at with lack of rainfall.”

Whichever one it is, Zitsch said, someday drought will be back.

“Whether it’s now or in the future, who knows, but it will come again,” she said.

The Drought Monitor gets updated once a week.