Atlanta Woodworking Artist Doug Pisik’s Art Captures The Emotions Of COVID-19

One of Doug Pisiks works, “Thoughts in Isolation” is seen here.

Doug Pisik

Famed Atlanta woodworking artist Doug Pisik’s latest collection is called “Art for our Unusual Times.” The works are made up of three different pieces, which express the thoughts and feelings of the on-going pandemic through the use of his woodworking skills.

The first is “The Cure,” which to him “represents our physical attack against the virus.” The second is “Angel Breath,” a representation of the heart and lungs, which to Doug resemble angel wings when laid out. The final work is “Thoughts in Isolation,” which combines 19 different words that Doug collected through a social media campaign. The Words are what people feel represent the pandemic and the emotions and feelings that have come with it.

Doug joined “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes to talk about his collection and how can be used to help unify people in difficult times.