Atlantans ahead of national holiday shopping curve

The holiday shopping season doesn't have to be unsustainable.

A Deloitte survey looking at how holiday shoppers plan to spend their money during the season finds Atlanta stands out as being a bit savvier than the average American.

WABE’s Jim Burress spoke to Deloitte’s Jean-Emmanuel Biondi about what specifically the study’s findings say about Atlanta shoppers.

Biondi said the survey shows that shoppers in Atlanta are getting more of their holiday purchases done earlier, and plan to take advantage of “key events” such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Almost a quarter of shoppers said they planned to spend their entire holiday budget by the end of October.

“In Atlanta there’s a higher number of shoppers who are willing to shop earlier,” said Biondi. “And the second thing I’ll say is local shoppers plan to diversify their spend across several categories: expenses, non-gift items and gifts.”

According to Biondi, consumers are also closely aware of economic conditions including inflation and supply chain issues that may affect their shopping experience.

At a national level, the average number of gifts purchased is projected to drop from 16 to 9 per person.