Aurora Theatre Performs New Works On ‘Cyber Stage’

“Homeschooled” was one of the virtual performances on the “Cyber Stage.”

Aurora Theatre

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Aurora Theatre has created its new “Digital Series.” The series includes “Cody’s Crafting Corner,” “Aurora Storytime” and “Friday Funday.”

Plus, each Wednesday evening, a new play will be performed on the “Cyber Stage” with professional actors from the Aurora Apprentice program. These plays are one-time-only performances crafted specifically for the digital stage.

“City Lights” host Lois Reitzes spoke with Aurora’s associate artistic director, Justin Anderson, and actor Candy McLellan about working in this new medium. McLellan is also part of the Aurora Apprentice program and a cast member of “Cyber Stage.”

Anderson feels that this new format has allowed Aurora Theatre to reach audiences that may not be financially or physically able to see a live performance at their location. Presenting these shows on the “Cyber Stage” enables audiences from all backgrounds to see these performances live and for free.

“My hope is that we’re going to figure out a way to leverage the spontaneity and the energy of a live moment through an archived or streamed platform that hopefully is going to break down some of those accessibility barriers.”

Performances on the “Cyber Stage” are each Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.