Beagle Brigade Sniffs Out Trouble In Atlanta Airport

Alison Guillory / WABE

Travelers to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s International Terminal will find that their luggage are not the only things making rounds in baggage claim.

Since the mid-1990’s, a crew of beagles has been circling the baggage claim searching passengers and bags for illegal agriculture, weapons and drugs. Recently “Joey,” a four-legged member of the Beagle Brigade, gained some notoriety after he discovered a large roast pig in luggage.

Besides their sense of smell, it’s the beagles’ other attributes that make them a great breed for the job, according to Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialist and handler Kimani Mustafa. In a recent interview, Mustafa told WABE’s Jim Burress why he thinks beagles are perfect for the job:

“For our purposes they are non-intimidating. They’re very motivated – very food motivated – and they have an incredible sense of smell. I think they’re the perfect match, actually.”

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