Businesswoman Jennifer Strahan Squares Up Against GOP U.S. House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Businesswoman Jennifer Strahan is challenging U.S. House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in the 14th Congressional District’s Republican primary.

courtesy strahan campaign

Businesswoman Jennifer Strahan calls herself a no-nonsense conservative and a political outsider.

But as she plans to challenge incumbent U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in next April’s Republican primary, Strahan says that’s not a bad thing for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

Strahan, the president and CEO of a national healthcare advisory firm, officially filed her paperwork Wednesday to challenge the controversial lawmaker.

Her bid to unseat Greene comes as the lower chamber voted to strip Greene of her committee assignments in February — a blow for representation in her district. U.S. House members cited Greene’s endorsement of conspiracy theories, racist language and threats targeting Democratic lawmakers.

Strahan sat down with WABE’s “All Things Considered” host Jim Burress, and started by talking about how much influence Greene had on her decision to run.

Lily Oppenheimer contributed to this report.