CARE leaders on 30 years in Atlanta and the importance of uplifting women and girls globally

Michelle Nunn, president and CEO of CARE USA, and Mona Sherpa from CARE Nepal, discuss International Day of the Girl and CARE’s 30th anniversary in Atlanta. (Photos courtesy of CARE)

Oct. 11 is International Day of the Girl.

Michelle Nunn, the president and CEO of CARE USA, understands the many challenges that women and girls face globally — and the importance of focusing on their needs.

She says that amid conflict and natural disasters, women and girls are even more vulnerable — facing a variety of layered challenges, including gender-based violence and maternal and reproductive issues and being cut off from adequate health care.

“We have to focus on the particular needs of women and girls when we are launching a humanitarian response,” explained Nunn on Wednesday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

Nunn, who has served as president of CARE since 2015, was joined by Mona Sherpa from CARE Nepal.

They talked with show host Rose Scott about marking CARE’s 30th anniversary in Atlanta and the ongoing work that CARE is doing around the world.