PBA Departments


The Development Department is responsible for the identification, cultivation, tracking and solicitation of both individuals and foundations—seeking restricted and unrestricted funds to support the mission of Public Broadcasting Atlanta.

The department is also responsible for: Conducting program specific and general fundraising campaigns. The preparation of proposals to local and national foundations for the solicitation of both unrestricted and program specific funding.

Digital Services

The Digital Services Department is responsible for creating a robust, innovative, in-depth and engaging online presence for PBA. Working with each content-generating department — WABE News, WABE music, PBA 30 and others — Digital Services seeks ways to use emerging technologies to enhance these departments’ content with comprehensive yet accessible online content. Digital Services also creates and manages original and unique web content for our web properties; PBA Online, Atlanta PlanIT and Public Square Atlanta. Digital Services staff’s operational responsibilities also include overseeing all computer and telecommunications needs for PBA staff.

Education Services

Education Services manages our relationship with Atlanta Public Schools System. We are developing programs, products and services that serve the need of the APS. Presently we manage the Atlanta Public Schools Homework Hotline which is underwritten by Georgia Power. We are working with APS to assist in staff development and student enrichment.


Finance is responsible for projecting revenue, expenditures and cash flows; develop financial plans for long term growth; guide and assist growth; guide and assist in the development of budgets and monitor them thereafter. The Finance Department establishes and monitors financial policies and procedures; prepares financial statements and analyses and provides financial advice to Management.

The Finance Department handles issuance of purchase orders, the payment of invoices and the billing and receipt of revenues.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department functions to maintain proper compliance among all employees in adherence to policies and regulations that have been set forth as foundations for operations. The HR Dept. is also responsible for maintaining proper employee reviews, training, benefits process, payroll administration, building maintenance, hiring procedures, job descriptions, policies and the overall day to day human resources concerns for PBA. Finally, HR functions to maintain adherence to Equal Employment Laws and any Federal Regulations that the Station is to administer.


The function of Membership is to encourage, cultivate, solicit and retain viewers and listeners of PBA in making individual financial contributions.

Operations Department

The production department is responsible for television studio productions and video editing. Any request for studio time, productions, editing time, etc., must come through production. This department is also responsible for assuring that the studios are adequately set, proper staffing is secured in accordance with the needs of the particular production, and all the technical requirements for the production are in place.

The engineering department is responsible for the technical operation of the entire facility, both Radio, and Television. Additionally, it is responsible for the physical plant (building). Engineering is also responsible for Master Control which is responsible for the program signal delivered to the air or cable. Also, Master Control operates video playback and recording equipment, adjusts video and audio levels, switches program sources and monitors both radio and television transmitters.


The marketing department is responsible for the promotion of PBA and to encourage new viewers to sample WPBA and WABE programming. This is accomplished in part to on air spots and outside advertising such as print and radio and television. Through promotions, PBA builds relationships with other non-profit organizations in the community. This also allows PBA to enhance its image in the community through the creation of image spots, public service announcements, and partnerships or co-promotional spots with numerous Cultural, Arts and Civic organizations.

The marketing department is also responsible for creating spots to support the station’s membership department. Along with these duties, the department is responsible for scheduling all of the above spots and announcements on the daily log, to provide a balanced break between shows which helps to fulfill the departments marketing objective.


The underwriting department is a primary source for raising operational funding. Corporate underwriting provides a large portion of revenue for PBA. The underwriting department is responsible for raising revenues from the business community. This is done by offering sponsorship messages in return for financial consideration. PBA aggressively prospect new clients and opportunities. These messages are used to promote the business or organization to our audiences. In addition to these messages, funds are raised from event sponsorships and corporate matches during pledge. The value of these messages and sponsorships are based on the size of audience delivered.

WABE 90.1 FM Radio

The radio department is comprised of divisions that make up the whole of WABE. Those divisions are Administrative, Programming, Production, News, Traffic, and Operations.

Administration functions to oversee each of the other divisions and to oversee the annual budget, provide support for the other divisions and to develop and implement strategic plans and goals that serve the community.