Celebrating 40 Years of Lois Reitzes

40 Years of Lois Reitzes banner

“I always enjoy Lois, whether she is interviewing someone or giving her wisdom and insight on a topic. She does her homework, and has a comforting on-air presence.”

Beth Rehbein, College Park

“My son has been listening to Lois with us since he was born. We call her Grandma Lois, and he gives a toddler squeal of delight when he hears her voice on air.”

Elle Schadler, Kennesaw

“I have been listening to WABE since coming to Georgia in the late ’70s and no other voice on the radio—commercial or public—has had the impact Lois has. Regardless of politics, the economy, my successes or failures, there is always the calming voice of Lois putting things in perspective and enlightening me to the pleasures of classical music and art, a welcome respite that is simply a joyous part of living in Atlanta. Full disclosure, I was hired to photograph WABE on air personalities, including the photo above of Lois, where I was delighted to be introduced to a woman of great wit, warmth, and humor. She recently had a delightful conversation with Michael Stipe for Atlanta Celebrates Photography, an arts non-profit where I serve on the board. Her skills as an interviewer were on full display as all in the audience were treated to what seemed like a conversation between two great friends. And she got the music scoop of the year in an interview with Stipe, who was promoting his book of photography, when he announced he was releasing his first album in ten years. That is the Lois effect, she creates a space of warmth and support where people can truly be themselves, the results have informed and inspired Atlantans forever. Long may she reign.”

Billy Howard, Atlanta

“Lois has been such a champion for our local arts scene. From interviews, features, and selected playlists, Lois has made the arts, and the artisans, accessible to all of metro Atlanta. Here’s to you, Lois! Forty never looked and sounded so good! ❤️”

Brandt Blocker, Sandy Springs

“I love Lois because she is willing to step out of her wheelhouse and have difficult conversations about music, culture, race, and identity. I will forever be thankful to her for the opportunity to speak on hip-hop with my friend and now co-host Christina Lee. Thank you, Lois for making room for us and for supporting the Bottom of the Map podcast. Your ally-ship and willingness to make room for others is why you are the OG! We love you!”

Regina Bradley, Austell

“Congratulations, Lois, on your 40th anniversary! I’ve been a regular guest on ‘City Lights,’ discussing my job as the Atlanta Braves organist as well as other musical endeavors, and Lois has a way of making me feel completely at ease on air. It’s my favorite radio program to be a part of because each time I chat with Lois, on and off-air, it seems as if we’ve known each other our whole lives! I cherish our friendship and will always remember Lois and her husband attending my live recording session for my ‘Live at Churchill Grounds’ album. Knowing that her applause is present on that CD makes it that much more special! Bravo Lois!!!”

Matthew Kaminski, Lilburn

“In 2008, we traveled to China for a month to visit our daughter who was teaching in Shanghai. We took the time before our visit in Shanghai to stay a few days in Beijing. At a small family-owned hotel in a non-commercial neighborhood as we sat down for the Chinese version of the breakfast buffet we heard, in the next room, a very familiar and distinguished voice that is unique to Atlanta. It was Lois Reitzes having breakfast in the vast metropolis of Beijing. It happened to be pledge season so after introducing ourselves and speaking of common friends we verbally gave her our pledge for 2008. A great memory from a wonderful trip.”

Moe and Debby Miller, Decatur

“I have had the insane pleasure of being on ‘City Lights’ three times for my work on original musicals. Two of those interviews have been with dear Lois. As a young artist and one trying to figure out if I was, in fact, the writer and creator I thought I was, getting to speak on air with Lois was central and essential to discovering my identity and fortifying my self-confidence as a writer. She is kind, supportive, curious and such a beautiful part of the arts community here in Atlanta. Even more exceptional is that she remembers us all, and supports us all even after the interviews are over. Happy 40th Anniversary Lois! Thank you for everything!”

Jessica De Maria, Decatur