Chase Oliver Explains Why He’s Running For The Vacant 5th Congressional District Seat

Chase Oliver, Candidate for the 5th Congressional District.

Courtesy of Chase Oliver

His name is Chase Oliver. He is running in the Fulton County special election to fill Georgia’s 5th Congressional District seat.

That’s the seat left vacant by John Lewis after his death in July.

Oliver is on the ballot representing the Libertarian Party.

Recently, Oliver talked about just why he decided to run.

He said in addition to criminal justice issues, he wants to provide more choices and more voices on the ballot.

“To often in Georgia and around the country we only have two or even one choice on the ballot, Oliver said. “I want to talk about expanding that and having more than just the two parties involved in the conversation.”

He continued “My platform is very much focused on criminal justice and returning power back to each and every individual. As opposed to having more and more power in the hands of government specifically our police and our court system which to often show to be systemically racist.

“During the time I am elected that I am there, I will be very loud and proud. I would like to continue that legacy that John Lewis fought for his entire career. I know this is a temporary term but I would like very much to continue that legacy of pushing for change and pushing to helping the people of the 5th District that John Lewis has fought”.