Classic Atlanta bar The Righteous Room on Ponce celebrates 27 years of staying power

The Righteous Room tavern on Ponce de Leon Ave. (Courtesy of Calvin Florian)

1996 was a big year for Atlanta, as our city welcomed the world and hosted the Summer Olympics. Additionally, that was the year of Outkast’s sophomore release, “ATLiens,” and the year the Braves failed at their attempt for a World Series repeat. 

Also of note in ’96 was the opening of The Righteous Room on Ponce de Leon Ave. Today, we highlight the 27-year-old tavern in our series “Cheers!” which celebrates the Atlanta watering holes that have beaten the odds and survived for decades. 

In this interview, “City Lights” senior producer Kim Drobes spoke with two of the bar’s owners, Patrick Galvin and Clark Head, about Righteous Room’s history and longevity.

More information about the bar is available here.