Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill faces sentencing

This undated file photo provided by the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department shows Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill. A federal jury on Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022, returned a guilty verdict on six of seven charges Hill, accused of violating the constitutional rights of people in his custody by unnecessarily strapping them into restraint chairs. (Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department via AP, File)

Suspended Clayton County Sherriff Victor Hill is now facing sentencing on federal civil rights violations after being convicted on six of seven charges.

Witnesses in the case testified they were held for hours in restraint chairs as detainees under Hill’s supervision, despite them breaking no rules and posing no threat at the time.

Hill has argued that he operated within his authority as sheriff, and the chair was a necessary safety measure.

Clayton County Crescent editor and CEO Robin Kemp has been following the case closely and was at the courthouse throughout the trial.

Kemp spoke with WABE’s Jim Burress about the latest developments and what to expect next in the case. That includes Hill’s godson, who was also present for some of the incidents involving the restraint chair, recently being named chief deputy.

Kemp says she expects the judge to deliver her sentence in the coming weeks, based on complex federal sentencing guidelines.

“Unless he wins on appeal, he’s very likely to be serving time in a federal prison somewhere,” said Kemp.