Cobb County teacher has firing rejected by district tribunal

Cobb County teacher Katie Rinderle is facing termination after reading "My Shadow is Purple," a book about gender identity, to fifth graders. (Pixabay)

A tribunal of Cobb County educators recommended that the district not terminate Katie Rinderle for violating district policy.

Earlier this year, Rinderle read “My Shadow is Purple” to her gifted class at Due West Elementary. The book deals with gender issues and self-empowerment.

The district believes that runs afoul of several policies, including what’s known as the Parent’s Bill of Rights, and moved to fire the educator of 10 years.

Despite the recommendation not to fire her, Rinderle hasn’t decided whether she will return to a Cobb County classroom.

Rinderle joined WABE’s “All Things Considered” to talk about this experience and why she chose to read this particular book with her class.

Cobb County issued a statement, which in part reads: “The board will review the tribunal’s recommendation and looks forward to returning our entire focus on educating all of our talented students.”

Christopher Alston contributed to this report.