Comedian and 'Daily Show' correspondent Dulcé Sloan on her love for Atlanta

dulce sloan
"Dulcé Sloan & Friends" are performing at City Winery on Feb. 19. (Photo by Andy Levy)

Comedian and Atlanta native Dulcé Sloan first charmed “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes six years ago when she opened for T.J. Miller at the Atlanta Improv, eliciting praise like, “amazing, hilarious, clever, irreverent.” Not long after that appearance, Sloan auditioned for “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” and two hours later, she was invited to become a correspondent for the show where she’s been since 2017. Sloan recently returned to “City Lights” to catch up over Zoom before her performance this weekend at City Winery.

Interview highlights:

Dulcé Sloan loves ATL, hates NYC:

“Oh, yeah, it’s horrible. It should be burned down immediately. I wake up every day [wishing] that there’s a dragon egg in my bed so I can burn it down,” joked Sloan. “People make being from New York or living in New York part of their, like, identity and personality. So when you say you don’t like the city, they take it as a personal attack … People were emailing me, like, ‘How dare you?’ And I’m like, ‘You don’t even own anything. What are you talking about? You live in an apartment. Calm down.’”

Why Sloan used her “Daily Show” platform to spread U.S. Census support:

“One [segment] that I really created was one called “Count On It” because I wanted to do a piece about the census and how important it was to do the census, especially for Black people and other people of color,” said Sloan. “Everyone’s like, ‘I’m not telling you who lives here, what are you talking about?’ But, you know, educating people and saying that there’s literally a law that the Census Bureau can’t share any information on the census with other government agencies in reference to who’s in the home.”

“[I was] talking about the importance of having the population be accurate, and knowing who’s living where, and finding out that if you don’t fill out the census, they’ll just assume who lives in your house. So, I live in a predominantly white neighborhood in New York, and so if I didn’t fill out the census, then they would put down that I was a white man. But inversely, say I was a white person living in a predominantly Black area. If I didn’t fill out the census, they would say that I was Black because they just put down whatever the predominant population is in an area.”

On the theme and NSFW title of Sloan’s comedy tour:

“Basically, the name of my tour is, ‘No Broke…’ um, ‘man parts’ is the colloquial way to say it,” said Sloan. “I was co-hosting with Don Lemon for New Year’s Eve on CNN, and he asked me what my New Year’s resolution was. And I told him, basically, I did not want to have relations with a man who had no money … Followers online and my friends have been trying to keep me accountable with this.”

Sloan went on, “It’s a joke that I’ve had for a while, and I am just trying to live up to this idea that I have, but I was not prepared for the amount of men that would not be happy about it, and they were very happy to tell me that on Twitter — and I do not care.”

“Dulcé Sloan and Friends” hits the main stage at Atlanta’s City Winery on Saturday, Feb. 19. More information and tickets are available here.