Comedian Scott Adsit Wears Many Hats In Comedy

Scott Adsit is best known for his role as Pete Hornberger in 30 Rock.

Summer Evans / WABE

From 30 Rock to Disney’s animated movie “Big Hero 6,” Scott Adsit’s acting career ranges all over the comedic spectrum. He’s joining the Dad’s Garage team again this weekend for some improv games. Adsit first got his start as an improviser at Second City in Chicago.

After working the stage for several years, he moved on to 30 Rock with help of his friend, Tina Fey. “Tina is a good boss and she has respect for everyone on the staff. She knows what she wants, but she’s open to ideas. On 30 Rock, she had a great group of writers, both experienced and less so and we all got along on,” said Adsit.

In the early 2000s, he co-wrote, directed, and produced the Adult Swim stop-motion animation “Moral Orel.” The story was about a young Protestant Christian boy named Orel Puppington, who always misunderstood his Christian values and teachings. The series had success on Adult Swim for three seasons.

Outside of his adult-themed humor, Adsit has worked on children’s shows and animated series. He has been the voice of Baymax in “Big Hero 6,” both in the movie and the new animated series. He currently plays Sheriff Ridge in Marvel’s first scripted podcast series, “Wolverine: The Long Night.” The podcast gives the listener a new way to experience the world of comic books. “It was interesting when we recorded the podcast because the producers put an omni-mic in the center of the room and they dress the room as if it were a movie set.

We moved around the 3D mic, so it could tell if we were standing next to a desk or if you scratch your nose or you’re eating cashews. It was really cool,” said Adsit.

Adsit will be performing four shows at Dad’s Garage both Friday and Saturday evening at 8-10 p.m.