Congressman John Lewis’ Last Book Offers Reflection & Hope

It’s been one year since Congressman John Lewis died of pancreatic cancer.

And as people from around the world continue to honor and remember his life, the co-author of Lewis’ latest book, “Carry On: Reflections for a New Generation” describes the iconic civil rights leader’s legacy in one word: humility.

“He would always tell me don’t worry about getting the credit, make sure you that you put the cause ahead of yourself,” said Kabir Sehgal, on Thursday’s edition of “Closer Look” while reflecting on his memories of the man nicknamed “The Boy from Troy.”

Sehgal, the godson of former U.S. Ambassador Andrew Young, told show host Rose Scott that he first met Lewis back in the late ‘80s and kept in touch with him over the years.

Sehgal says following Lewis’ cancer diagnosis, he had conversations with him about the overarching life lessons and messages he had for the world now and generations to come.

“ That’s ultimately what this project is about, how do we channel more John Lewises in our lives and live a life according to some of his precepts: forgiveness, love, kindness, faith, these are beautiful inspirational words,” said Sehgal.

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