Core Dance’s ‘If….A Memoir’ Examines The Connection Between Humanity And Our Environment

“If…a memoir” will be performed this weekend by Core Dance.

Simon Gentry

Core Dance celebrates its 40th anniversary season with a new work created by co-founder and artistic director Sue Schroeder.

The piece, “If…a memoir,” examines the connections between humanity, the Earth, and our future. Schroeder stopped by WABE to talk about what she calls “her love song for humanity.”

When asked about the title of her work, Schroeder answered, “I was very much troubled about our time and place on the planet. At the moment, there is so much in crisis. ‘If…a memoir,’ when translated into French is ‘a memory.’ So this reflects the memory of ‘what will we do?’ It’s sort like the ‘If…then.’ What’s the cause, what’s the effect?

“We are this sort of at the tipping point of how this scenario really goes. So for me that became sort of call: will this be a memory we will live to see or is this a memory that vanishes?”

Core Dance will perform “If…a memoir” at the B-Complex this Saturday and Sunday.

if… a memoir from Core Dance on Vimeo.