Coronavirus Updates: Sandy Springs, Smyrna Join Atlanta In Mask Mandate

Smyrna and Sandy Springs recently issued mask mandates.
Smyrna and Sandy Springs recently issued mask mandates.
Credit Michel Euler / Associated Press
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First Sandy Springs and now Smyrna residents are required to wear masks or face coverings in public spaces.

Smyrna Mayor Derek Norton issued the executive order Tuesday and it becomes effective at 11:59 p.m. Friday.

The order allows exceptions for religious or medical reasons

Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul also made masks mandatory in public buildings and spaces.

“Wearing a mask in public is one of the easiest and most effective means to protect one another from coronavirus,” Paul said.

UNG Dahlonega Official ‘Disappointed’ In Viral Photo

Officials at the University of North Georgia’s Dahlonega campus say they’re “disappointed” in a recent viral photo showing students at a crowded off-campus party not wearing face coverings.

The university sent a letter to the student body, reminding them of public health protocols. That includes self-screening before coming to campus. Like all colleges in Georgia’s university system, masks are required in public spaces on campus.

Tina Tan, a physician who specializes in infectious diseases at Northwestern University, says students can stay safe at college–if everyone plays by the rules.

“As long as there are mitigation protocols in place, I think it’s a much safer place to be but with college students, it’s going to be a little bit harder to police them,” she said.

Classes at UNG began Monday. Georgia Tech started this week also. UGA begins Thursday. Georgia State resumes classes next week.

Georgia Tech Adopts COVID-19 App

Several universities nationwide are promoting a new app that lets users anonymously know if they have potentially been exposed to the coronavirus on-campus.

Georgia Tech has adopted the app as students start in-person classes this week.

Georgia Tech is encouraging students, faculty and staff to use the NOVID app at no-cost.

Smartphones running the app will recognize other phones that have been nearby for more than a brief period of time.

Georgia Tech officials say if a student receives a positive COVID-19 test from on-campus health services, they will be given a one-time code to enter into the app. That will send an anonymous notification to other users NOVID recognizes from being close by.

School officials say community members who have received positive COVID-19 tests off-campus are required, as part of public health regulations, to report their positive tests to Georgia Tech.

Officials say NOVID doesn’t capture any personal information.


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