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Public Broadcasting Atlanta (PBA) is a non-profit organization formally called Atlanta Educational Telecommunications Collaborative, Inc. (AETC).  As a broadcast service, PBA is comprised of WABE90.1FM, WPBA-TV30 (ATL-PBA) and numerous podcasts and digital offerings. For more information on the broadcast service, programming and opportunities, please visit


Public Broadcasting Atlanta is exploring options to transition to a new CRM system for the organization to modernize and streamline our operations. We are launching an interdepartmental effort to drive our exploration forward in a way that will ensure we find the optimal system as we lean into our new FY 22-25 Strategic Plan.

We are seeking a project manager to manage our exploratory and requirements gathering process to ensure that we successfully:

  1. Learn from current and past organizational experiences;
  2. Eliminate the fragmentation and poor data flow of our current CRM set-up and move to a more modern, less manual system with more integration points (APIs) with other products and technologies;
  3. Accurately identify comprehensive departmental requirements as well as key cross-functionalities for integrated decision-making;
  4. Determine top candidates systems that match our system needs, drawing from available data about public media CRM use; and
  5. Assess cost factors and explore acquisition options with up to three vendors that offer the best value for money.
Background and Timeline:

PBA currently uses the Allegiance CRM system, which provides CRM services to a number of public media affiliates. However, the system does not offer all the features that we need to drive forward our fundraising goals, share information across departments, and execute cutting edge digital fundraising and marketing strategies. Previously, we attempted a transition to another system, which we ultimately discontinued. We are working deliberately to learn from the challenges of that experience. We also want to consider how a new CRM system will best integrate with our use of Mailchimp, which is the email marketing system we are currently bringing online. PBA will have an estimated user base of 40-50 people, although the population of users will be part of our review. We do have a short list of CRM systems that are the top choice for most US public media providers, so our search will focus foremost on these systems, although we are open to discovering other possibilities.

A small core team from the fundraising, IT, and finance departments will co-lead phase 1 of the exploration, including the SVP-Development, who is the executive project lead. The project manager will report directly into the SVP-Development.

PBA expects this project to launch in early October and to continue through approximately the end of January 2022 when a vendor is selected. Expected time commitment is approximately 10-15 hours per week.

Project Management Support Tasks:
  1. Provide structure to the process for the exploration leadership team, including setting up and attending regular meetings and developing the agenda for team meetings.
  2. Develop a high level lessons learned document based on the prior CRM transition effort by organizing and documenting two staff meetings and reviewing existing lessons learned documents from the prior transition effort.
  3. Help project leadership team to plan, execute and document departmental meetings to identify use cases and CRM requirements to optimize performance of each department as well as interdepartmental information data sharing and visibility. Primary departments of focus will be fundraising, marketing, underwriting, content, IT, and finance. Some departments may require one meeting but others may require a follow-up. Ideally, the project manager can help facilitate these discussions and devise agendas to ensure effective assessment of requirements, adding in expertise to probe key issues. Conversations should explore and document relative priority of departmental requirements.
  4. Set up and document meeting with marketing team and other stakeholders to discuss Mailchimp capabilities and identify capabilities of Mailchimp that may support CRM related requirements and also other issues that may impact CRM requirements and performance.
  5. Set up and document meeting with finance team and other stakeholders to discuss Limelight or other possible data warehousing and analysis solutions being considered by PBA to identify key issues that may impact CRM requirements and performance.
  6. Attend and document conversations with other public media affiliates identified by project leadership team to discuss several CRM options (pros, cons, and costs), flag key CRM capabilities or innovations relevant to PBA, and narrow down top prospects for PBA based on our size, budget, and organizational goals.
  7. Attend and document meetings with top vendor prospects (3 or less) and help CRM project team devise assessments and recommendations to the leadership team for go forward action.
  1. PowerPoint slides summarizing lessons learned from previous CRM transition and executive recommendations for project approach/implementation based on these findings (PowerPoint).
  2. PowerPoint deck summarizing key findings of the departmental meetings, cross-departmental functionality requirements and any transition concerns (e.g. any concerns for traffic management system).
  3. PowerPoint slides that identify key interactivity considerations related to Mailchimp, Limelight, and any other key PBA IT or data systems.
  4. PowerPoint deck with recommended top candidate CRM options, basic system requirements, pros/cons, and cost factors (as known).
Required Skill Sets:
  • Documented success with project management of large-scale organizational systems change projects.
  • CRM experience, especially developing use cases and requirements.
  • Evidence of multiple CRM systems expertise a plus.
  • Knowledge of Office365 Package and insight into how to identify key APIs required for the new system.
  • Knowledge of technology, technology integration points, and CRM system adoption/implementation.
  • Effective meeting facilitation and PowerPoint skills.

Submit application, cover and proposed rate letter to:
Public Broadcasting Atlanta
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Fax: 678-553-3026
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