Crossroads Project Combines Art And Science To Address Global Sustainability

The Crossroads Project’s latest series “Rising Tide” address global sustainability. They will be performing alongside the Fry Street Quartet tonight at Central Presbyterian Church.

Courtesy of Andrew McCallister/The Crossroads Project

The Crossroads Project combines music, art and science to create live performances that deepen our understanding of our environmental impact.

Their latest series, “Rising Tide,” will be performed at Central Presbyterian Church tonight at 7:30 p.m. Scientific poet, climate physicist and Utah State University professor Robert Davies joined Lois Reitzes in studio to discuss this series.

Each performance is separated into multiple vignettes of scientific conversation, accompanied by evocative imagery, followed by five minutes of orchestral music. The performance looks at the wonder of how nature works, while juxtaposing photographs and art of our environmental impact on a giant screen behind Davies.

Rising Tide is a poetic science lecture with composer Laura Kaminsky’s score erecting a musical space for contemplation.

RISING TIDE, presented by The Crossroads Project from Quantum Leap on Vimeo.