Darien Arikoski-Johnson's art explores how we perceive the world through technology

Atlanta-based ceramic artist Darien Arikoski-Johnson. (Darien Arikoski-Johnson)

On the “City Lights” series “Speaking of Art,” local artists share insights into their influences, processes, and experiences in town. This edition features ceramic artist Darien Arikoski-Johnson.

“My work is about a lot of things: perception, memory, thought in general, and how we perceive the world, particularly through the new technologies that we have,” Arikoski-Johnson said. “So how we’re perceiving through digital windows, the screens we carry with us all the time, and how we record our environment through these devices as well.”

These ideas are manifested through the use of imagery that resides on a ceramic sculptural component.  

You can find more information about Darien Arikoski-Johnson’s work here.