Data reveals Georgia outranks much of the nation in workplace discrimination claims

According to a new study from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Georgia ranks third highest in the nation for workplace discrimination. (Courtesy of Kate Sade)

After researching data from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a California law firm made a troubling discovery about Georgia.

Georgia ranked as the third state in the nation with the highest rate of workplace discrimination, behind Tennessee and Arkansas.

The 2021 data revealed retaliation was the most common type of discrimination with a total of 2,091 cases. Racial discrimination is the second most common with 1,290 cases filed, followed by sexual discrimination with 1,084 cases.

Brad Dozier is the managing principal of the Dozier Law Group in Atlanta and has spent decades battling these kinds of cases. He says in employment discrimination cases, you must prove what was the intent or the motive of someone when they took an action.

On Thursday’s edition of “Closer Look,” Dozier explained how employment discrimination is defined, why it’s so common in Georgia and what employees and employers need to know.