DeKalb County Schools To Reopen Friday

Al Such / WABE

Students in the DeKalb County schools will finally go back to class Friday. Schools in the state’s third-largest district have been closed since Tropical Storm Irma hit Atlanta Monday. DeKalb was hit harder than some other areas, like Cobb County, which resumed classes Wednesday.

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DeKalb Superintendent R. Stephen Green said county and school officials worked at “warp speed” to make sure students can safely return Friday.

“[We wanted to] restore and recover as quickly as we could, but do it in a way that’s safe and sound and doesn’t cut corners in the name of trying to open  and then also put kids or staff at risk,” he said.

Because some schools lost power for so long, Green said replacing spoiled food is a priority.

“We’ve been in touch with our vendor, who supplies us with the food source, and are ready to move in and do the replacement,” Green said.

Of course, students will need to make up those lost school days.  

“We’ll find a way to recoup the instructional time,” he said. “We have some days that we’ve looked at in our calendar that we’ve purposely kind of built in as professional learning days that we would trade for actual school days.”

Green said the district may extend the school day to make up the time.  He says officials won’t take away scheduled holidays.