DeKalb County woman fights to stay in the home she’s rented for 27 years

This past spring, Juliet Brown, 63, received an eviction notice claiming she had stayed beyond the terms of her lease. Her case is pending in DeKalb County Magistrate Court.

Juliet Brown wore a grey and black skirt suit as she stood in front of her DeKalb County home.

Her neighbors and a dozen people with the Housing Justice League gathered around her carrying signs saying, “Keep Ms. Juliet in her home.”

“The reason why I am standing here is because I am being evicted,” Brown said.

Brown’s story has become the center of a campaign from local housing advocates, who called this press conference Monday.

She’s fighting to remain in the home she’s rented for 27 years.

Brown once lived in the house with her husband before he died. The brick, single-story house looks cared for. Her porch is filled with plants.

Three years ago, someone new bought the house, which meant she had a new landlord. Then, this spring, he sent her an eviction notice.

It wasn’t because she didn’t pay rent. Brown is clear that the rent was paid.

“I don’t have words to say because to me it’s embarrassing. I don’t live a life like this,” she said.

The eviction notice only said that Brown had stayed in the home beyond the term of her lease.

She eventually connected with the Housing Justice League. They started a petition to support her. It has more than 3,000 signatures.

The group claimed the landlord is trying to resell it. The landlord hasn’t responded to WABE’s request and neither has his attorney.

Brown is still hoping to stay. She has at least another month. Her court hearing has been delayed until November.

“I am expecting to be here because I don’t have nowhere to live,” Brown said.

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