Dekalb Officials to Reconsider Ice Cream Truck Ban

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Ice cream trucks can bring relief from metro Atlanta’s sweltering summer heat. But not in Dekalb County, where an ordinance prohibits selling food from trucks on streets and sidewalks.  The ordinance came to the Dekalb commissioners’ attention when someone was ticketed for selling ice cream. Jay Vinicki, the policy research director for the Dekalb County board of commissioners, says the commission will vote Tuesday on whether to change to the rules.

“One of the changes is to remove the prohibition and allow products to be sold on sidewalks and roads between the hours of noon and eight, with part of that having requirements such as having a valid business license and also having a permit from the Georgia Deptartment of Agriculture,” he says.

Commissioner Kathie Gannon says she doesn’t expect much opposition.

“I think you’d have to be pretty hard-pressed to not support ice cream,” Gannon says, “And I’m sure there’s ways we can figure out any of the barriers that might exist in the health codes, etcetera.”

The change would allow vendors to sell packaged ice cream, like popsicles and ice cream sandwiches, but not ice cream by the scoop.

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