DeKalb is the latest municipality to declare abortion a low police priority

DeKalb County’s resolution says Georgia’s law banning abortions after around six-weeks of pregnancy, “represents a direct attack on the ability of individuals to make their own choices concerning their lives, their bodies, and their family planning.”

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DeKalb County officials have approved a resolution classifying abortion-related allegations or charges as a low priority for police. 

The non-binding resolution backed by county commissioners says the county stands with the right of residents to make their own reproductive healthcare decisions.

“The DeKalb County Governing Authority declares a vision for the future where access to reproductive healthcare and gender-affirming care is universally available and reproductive healthcare choices are free from unreasonable restrictions, bans, barriers, discrimination, or punishment,” the resolution reads.

It also calls on the DeKalb County Police Department to make abortion and pregnancy investigations the lowest priority for enforcement, resources and personnel.

This is except in cases involving coercion or force, or other actions that threaten the health of a pregnant person — where abortion, miscarriage or reproductive healthcare is evidence of another crime, such as sexual assault, but is not itself treated as a crime.  

The resolution also urges the department to review its policies and consider modifying them to reflect these priorities within the next six months.  

The DeKalb County Governing Authority resolution is the latest in the metro area to explicitly support abortion access.

The first was approved in Atlanta this summer, where the city council also passed a resolution making alleged abortion crimes a low priority for police officers.