Eagles Landing Fights for Cityhood in Henry County

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There’s the city of Stockbridge, and then there’s the proposed city of Eagles Landing next to it.

Currently, Eagles Landing is a small, upscale neighborhood that sits between Stockbridge and McDonough in an unincorporated part of Henry County. Some members of that neighborhood want to create their own town called Eagles Landing. But to have enough land to qualify as a city, they must borrow some from Stockbridge. That idea doesn’t sit well with some Stockbridge residents.

Supporters of the proposed city say adding the Stockbridge land would help both cities attract more businesses and high-end restaurants. Susan Clowdus is Vice Chair of the Eagles Landing Educational Research Committee, a group pushing for the new city.

“It’s going to help the city of Stockbridge because it will revitalize the growth in our entire area. It will ultimately help everyone,” Clowdus said.

But some Stockbridge residents don’t buy it.

Georgia Democratic Sen. Emanuel Jones is opposed to the plan.

“That argument they make is completely false. Redrawing the boundary line arbitrarily for a particular city is not going to make that area [any less or more] attractive than it is today,” Jones said.

Jones said the move could bankrupt Stockbridge because part of the land the proposed Eagles Landing would absorb includes 50-60 percent of Stockbridge’s commercial area.

State Sen. Rick Jeffares introduced a proposal in the state legislature to create the city of Eagles Landing. Georgia State is currently conducting a study on the impact this new city would have on surrounding areas.