Georgia educators cite need for more counselors and manageable workloads

A new survey from PAGE shows just 31% of Georgia teachers say their workload is manageable. (Alphonso Whitfield/WABE)

The Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) surveys its members yearly. They include teachers, principals and other school staff across the state.

In 2022, PAGE found more than 69% of school counselors, social workers and psychologists, and about 56% of teachers, say their schools don’t have enough counselors to meet students’ needs.

Just 31% of teachers say their workload is manageable all or most of the time. Twenty-five percent say it’s never manageable.

Thirty-nine percent of teachers who responded and 69% of teacher’s aides said they have difficulty covering living expenses all or most of the time. Twenty percent of respondents said they have other jobs.

PAGE’s Senior Education Policy Analyst Claire Suggs spoke to WABE about 2022’s survey results.