Emory Physician’s World Travels Captured In New Photo Book

Mario DiGirolamo’s collection “Visione” documents European and American life through DiGirolamo’s travels. He took this one in Assisi, Italy in 2003.


Though an endocrinologist, thyroids do not appear in Mario DiGirolamo’s photography.

In 1959, DiGirolamo moved from his native Rome, Italy to New York City for his medical residency at Columbia University. After moving back to Rome for a couple of years, he moved to Atlanta to accept a position at Emory University. Though a physician, he mostly does scientific research.

Photography has always been DiGirolamo’s passion. His first photo book focused on Rome, and his upcoming release, “Visione,” contains photos from his travels across Europe and the United States. Photos in London pubs, in Moscow fish markets and in Coney Island revelry were all taken with his Rolleiflex camera.

DiGirolamo describes his work as “life photography,” and he tries to capture spontaneous reactions from his subjects – who often have no idea they are being photographed. The Rolleiflex camera has the advantage of being inconspicuous – DiGirolamo situates it at his waist. DiGirolamo also only uses natural light, which negates any need for noticeable lighting equipment.

Photos from DiGirolamo’s book “Visione” will be displayed at the Lumiere Fine Arts Photography Gallery. The exhibit opens this Saturday, May 9, and it will coincide with the book release.