Exhibit At The High Showcases Atlanta Artists Who Focus On Their Heritage

Atlanta artist, Jessica Caldas, created mix-media portraits for her installation.

Mike Jensen / Contributed

Of Origins and Belonging, Drawn From Atlanta” the third show in a series featuring drawings by Atlanta-based artists, is on view now at the High Museum of Art. The theme was sparked by ongoing debates on immigration, and examines the importance of place, as well as heritage.

The six artists in the exhibition are: Jessica Caldas, Yehimi Cambrón, Xie Caomin, Wihro Kim, Dianna Settles and Cosmo Whyte.

The High Museum of Art’s Wieland Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Michael Rooks spoke with City Lights host Lois Reitzes about the dynamic cultural expressions in the exhibition.

“The thought was to demonstrate this diverse richness of our artistic community by considering practices by artists whose common bond, or one of them, is that they have a very dear interest in this conversation that we are having about immigration, belonging to families from Vietnam, Korea, China, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Mexico.”

“Of Origins and Belonging, Drawn From Atlanta” is on view at the High now through Sept. 29.