Exhibit Covers Contemporary Georgia Photography, ‘Edge To Edge’

Photographer Beate Sass is one of the artists featured in "Edge to Edge."
Photographer Beate Sass is one of the artists featured in "Edge to Edge."
Credit Courtesy Chip Simone


Chip Simone knows photography, and he is an authority on Georgia photographers in particular. Simone curated the first ever state-wide survey of contemporary photography for the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia. That exhibit closes this weekend, and the reviews have been glowing.

In an interview with Lois Reitzes on “City Lights,” Simone said that he did not want to limit the show to the traditional images of the rural and historic South – think photos of weathered barns, rusted pick-up trucks, fields of cotton and lots of kudzu.

“All of those things are definitely part of the environment here, but they don’t necessarily reflect the complexity of our society, the contemporary nature of our culture,” he said.

To reflect modern Southern life, Simone conducted an extensive search, filtering through thousands of images from 340 artists. The final exhibit features 62 photographers. But to be clear, this show is not about photos of Georgia. Instead, “Edge to Edge” celebrates contemporary photographers and their work, regardless of where the image was taken.

Edge to Edge” closes at MOCA GA on Saturday. A retrospective of Chip Simone’s own career in photography is scheduled at the Museum in 2017.

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