Expedition Atlanta: Wildlife enthusiast Christian Cave shares wildlife to look out for this summer

Wildlife enthusiast Christian Cave holding a Northern Water Snake. (Courtesy of Christian Cave)

Last year, “City Lights” introduced you to Christian Cave, the Kennesaw State University environmental studies student who is on a mission to help us love and care about Georgia wildlife rather than fear it.

Cave is now a City Lights contributor for our series, “Expedition Atlanta.” Every other month, the passionate wildlife enthusiast shares seasonal information and insights into the wonderful world of wildlife that surrounds us.

In this interview, “City Lights” senior producer Kim Drobes spoke with Cave about wildlife to keep an eye out for as the summer season approaches.

“If it gets too hot, they are not going to be out on the surface, but if you go a little bit earlier in the morning, it won’t take you too long to start seeing snakes, lizards and other things like that,” Cave said.

You can follow Cave’s adventures on Tik Tok and Instagram @CavemanWildlife.