Filmmakers Turn Real-Life Argument To Comedy In ‘Good Hair’

Catherine Dee Holly and Fray Forde


This story starts, like many great stories do, with an argument over hair care products.

The short film “Good Hair” was shot in Atlanta with a wealth of hometown talent, including its creators, director and actor Catherine Dee Holly and comedian Fray Forde.

The film begins with Frankie, played by Holly, discovering that Khi, played by Forde, has used the last of her hair conditioner. The scene is based on a real-life argument the couple got into, which formed the basis for the story.

“It was Frey and I’s first real argument in our relationship,” Holly explains.

“We wrote the movie off of it because I never replaced the conditioner, and honestly, I think she would have rather me replace the conditioner than make the movie,” Forde jokes.

In the film, the argument uncovers anxieties lurking under the surface of the couple’s relationship.

“They’re in different places in life,” Forde says, “Khi had a lot of dreams that he didn’t achieve. And it’s the first day of her dream job. So he’s watching her do everything she wanted to do while he feels like he’s getting left behind.”

“It’s about that place in a relationship that’s like ‘How do we meet in the middle now?’” he says.

“Good Hair” is premiering in Atlanta at a sold-out screening this week, and the filmmakers plan on touring the Southeast, making each screening an event with stand-up comedy and the excitement of a party they’re calling “Comedy and Curls.”

“The movie certainly stands alone, but we want to take the show on the road,” Holly says. “The comedy along with the community [of an] intimate screening, we really think that it’s going to be the perfect combination to experience the film.”

“Good Hair” premiers at Highwire Comedy on Friday, Feb. 10.

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