Final days of Georgia's legislative session

House members work during the House’s session on the final day of the 2015 legislative session, Thursday, April 2, 2015, in Atlanta. By law, Georgia’s General Assembly meets for 40 working days each year. Any bills not approved by each chamber by midnight are dead for the year. (AP Photo/Branden Camp)

With just one day to go in the legislative session, Georgia lawmakers are hustling to get their bills through both chambers of the General Assembly before sine die.

WABE politics reporter Rahul Bali joined WABE’s “All Things Considered” to give an update on the last-minute debates happening at the state Capitol.

Issues involving prosecutor oversight, getting time off of work for early voting, and electric vehicle taxation were all set to come up in the last days of this session.

Bali says this year’s contentious state budget is now in the hands of a conference committee made up of three House leaders and three Senate leaders.

“Look there’s some interesting things in there that need to be worked out, for example the Hope scholarship,” said Bali.

Lawmakers have until Wednesday to agree on final versions of legislation and to get it to Governor Brian Kemp’s desk to be signed into law.