First Black Woman Selected To Lead Georgia State College of Law

The first Black woman to lead the Georgia State College of Law says every institution of higher education should put its students at the center of everything that institution does.

“Our faculty and staff here at the college of law work really closely with our students to prepare them for what they will get out in the world and to make sure they are ready, ” said LaVonda Reed, the new dean of the Georgia State College of Law.

Reed, who started in her new role as the first black person and seventh dean of the law school in early July, was a guest on Tuesday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

She talked with show host Rose Scott about several topics, including her career journey, her first 100 days in office, the state of democracy in the U.S. following the insurrection at the U.S. State Capitol and law students returning to campus for face-to-face learning.

“I am excited to be the dean at Georgia State University  College of Law in this moment in history, this moment in time,” said Reed.

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