Flux Projects Partners With Core Dance To Spotlight Atlanta Artists In Decatur Square

William Down’s “Downs Adventures” animated series as part of Flux Project’s “Virtual Arts Series” project that will be on display at Core Dance.

William Downs

Public art meets dance with the latest collaboration of Flux Projects and CORE Dance. The two partnered together to project short films and art installations in the windows of CORE’s studios in the Decatur square.

The projections will be shown on a loop every weekend through the end of September. “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes spoke with CORE artistic director Sue Schroeder and Atlanta artist William Downs about the “Virtual Art Series.”

Curated by Floyd Hall, Downs has three animations in the “Downs Adventures” series, beginning with “Exploring a New Adventure.”

“So, the ‘Downs Adventures’ series is a way of observing my practice and observing my traveling throughout the United States doing workshops, which are drawing workshops where I’m meeting people for the first time,” Downs said. “I’m teaching them to explore a medium that they may feel intimidated with in order to let go and let the materials guide them through whatever experiences that they’re in. So for me, that’s always an adventure to see what someone can produce and see how they arrive at something special and amazing.”

The exhibition will also feature works by writer Anne Corbitt, musician Okorie “OkCello” Johnson, Komansé Dance Theater, the content creators at Meptik, visual artists Kirstin Mitchell and Sara Santamaria, and artists and filmmakers Micah and Whitney Stansell. All of which have been apart of Flux Projects’ “Virtual Art Series” since the series began on April 2.