‘Frankenstein’s Funeral’ Puts A New Twist On A Classic Tale

“Frankenstein’s Funeral” is held at the campus of St. John’s Lutheran Church.

Casey Gardner Photography

Frankenstein’s monster is back and alive at Found Stages.

Playwright and director Nichole Palmietto has created a new play after the human-like monster called “Frankenstein’s Funeral” — which is performed throughout the campus of St. John’s Lutheran Church.

Palmietto and co-writer Neeley Gossett spoke with “City Lights” about this new take on a 200-year-old classic. The performance is an immersive one, bringing the audience from room to room in the church. The score, which is written by Chris Gravely, was created specifically for the location.

“We’ve gotten a lot of comments from the audience that the score really moves you from room to room. It’s something that works as a score does in a film, where it’s always playing in the background,” Gossett said. “He composed it himself and had a group of musicians come in a record. He also plays the piano live when we’re in certain scenes, so we have a live musician over the recording. It really helps to signal when the audience should move to the next scene.”

The production is being performed through Nov. 3. Each performance has a maximum capacity of 40 audience members.