Fulton County and Atlanta reach agreement, restoring animal control services

A Fulton County Animal Services truck drives down Marietta Boulevard in Atlanta on Sunday, April 14, 2024. (Zachary Bynum/WABE)

Fulton County and the City of Atlanta have reinstated animal control services within Atlanta’s limits following a brief hiatus. The County Commission’s unanimous decision on Wednesday to approve an intergovernmental agreement with Atlanta ensures the immediate resumption of services.

Calls for Atlanta-related animal control services represent about 55% of animal control services in Fulton County. During the temporary suspension, the Fulton County Animal Services facility remained operational, accepting approximately 98 dogs from City of Atlanta residents.

The service halt occurred on April 5 due to the absence of an agreement between the county and the city, which persisted for three months. However, with the recent approval from both entities, residents can once again utilize animal control services by calling 404-613-0358.

Chairman Robb Pitts expressed his satisfaction with the prompt resolution.

“I am glad that we have been able to resolve this matter with the City of Atlanta expeditiously and respectfully,” said Pitts at the commission’s meeting on Wednesday. “We are especially grateful for staff from both Fulton County and the City of Atlanta who continued to work to protect the safety of animals and people during this pause in services.”

Officials in Fulton County celebrated the opening of a new $40 million animal shelter in November 2023. (Sam Gringlas/WABE)

The Atlanta City Council, comprising 12 districts and three at-large posts, shapes the city’s policies and governance. Led by Council President Doug Shipman, the council oversees legislation, budget allocations and major development projects.

The council’s approval of the resolution to execute the intergovernmental agreement ensures the continuity of services. In addition to animal control, the council addressed other important urban development and welfare matters on Wednesday, including infrastructure projects and community initiatives.