Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections prepares for midterms

Cathy Woolard discusses her new role as chair of the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections.

Emil Moffatt / WABE

On the Friday edition of “Closer Look,” Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections chair Cathy Woolard discusses the county’s early voting procedures and poll staffing needs ahead of the midterm election.

At yesterday’s meeting, the board began consideration of proposed college campus advanced voting sites at institutions such as Georgia Tech and Morehouse.

New Georgia election laws have minimized some ability for the organization to utilize vehicles of outreach such as mobile voter registration vans. Additionally, legislation allowing poll workers to work outside of their residing district set off a salary competition that has led to an increase in compensation for Fulton County workers.

During midterm elections, Fulton County will have over 30 early voting sites available. The board says it will communicate with local police and the sheriff’s department to promote safety and security at polls. 

Woolard emphasized the urgency of planning ahead in casting your ballot.

“Make a plan for voting. Think about it today,” Woolard said. “If you’re [going to] vote by mail, get ready to send that in after August 22. If you’re [going to] vote early, you can vote at any of our early voting locations. But on election day, you have to vote at your precinct or your vote won’t count. You’ve got to make a plan.”